A Teenage white kid that has an abnormally small penis ranging from 0.5 inches to 1 inch. He has no pubic hair. Even if he tried to fuck you his penis wouldn't be able to reach your but! The name of his penis is micropenis. Elis enjoys wanking his small penis in his free time. His erection only mesures 2 inches. He was born in 2002!
Wow Elis what a small penis you have!
Elis why do you have such a small penis and no pubic hair?
Why does the boxer always have the smallest penis?

Mae mîn Elis fyny twll tîn ei ffrind gorau!
by cool0711 September 14, 2016
Girl (or boy) name that is very rare to find, but if you meet a person with this name...you have unlocked an achievement. They're really over emotional chill understanding people and you always have a bomb ass time when your with them
Damn, last night was so turnt it felt like elis.
by vvifi August 10, 2016
An Eli is a person who is sweet carring and is just the fucking best person you can meat

Eli's are a group of the nice funny popular kids not the mean athletes.
Those Eli's are so nice and funny

Did you see it when he was acting like an Eli
by That guy is awsome March 03, 2015
A male nurse who dose male anal examinations in Gatlinburg a lot.
Eli a gay friend who is a murse.
by Rolo2006 May 04, 2016
A great guy that loves tits and wants to have sex with every girl. Also has a very large penis that is about 7.5 to 8 IN
Boy1:Eli your not gay.
Boy2:Eli your fucking beast.
Girl1:Eli i want you to fuck me.
Boy1: Do it
Eli: I will at my house
Girl1: ho yeah. Stop it Fuck yeah
Girl2: Fuck me now.
by Helloha June 14, 2015
(Background: Israeli)
The universal name of every Israeli known to man kind. Ever.
My Israeli dog's name is Eli.
My Israeli friend's name is Eli.
My Israeli midget's name is Eli.
by Shiri May 19, 2004
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