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Where do we even begin? The amazing, down to earth, like-able personality? How about her witty sense of humor and the impeccable charm? Her sometimes wild nature? No how about her gorgeous, bright eyes that are comparable to sunrise?Oh! Her sometimes crazy, hyper side? Her compassionate and non-judgemental attitude? Maybe her hot body and perfect sized boobs? Her ability to turn men on in an instant and with nothing more than a single sentence? Her name alone attests to how sweet she is: Elhaam My-New-Cherry. There seems to be no single point to begin on, other than this: She is too good for most men.
Elhaam Manoochehri's were once thought to have gone extinct eons ago, however sightings have been reported in Northern New Jersey in a small region locals call "Clifton". These sightings remain unconfirmed...for now.
by TheOneWhoMakesYouSmileAlot August 03, 2010
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