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When a chicks nips point at an upward angle making her tits look like a pair of elf shoes.

Timo: Look at me! I needz me sum sizzle.

Jeff: Dat Latina has some tiny tittays.

Timo: She probably rockin' dem Elf Shoes.

(or She's got Elf Shoe Tits.)

Jeff: Aight, lez get some donuts.
by caeser February 13, 2008

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A woman's breasts that have the similar curviture to the shoes commonly worn by elves. They start out straight and slightly curve upward
guy 1: "Did you see her boobs at the party last night?"

guy 2: "Yeah,kinda wished i hadn't, she had elf shoe tits"
by KEITH ST0NE June 05, 2011