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smart independent teenager
ne-yo song mz.independent remix is about the elexcia they don't need no man in they life
by babygyrl16 May 02, 2009
1.thick,sexy,freaky,smart,loveable young female. Though she comes off shy she is loud and crazy.

2.stripper stage name

3.young freak
guy 1: did you see elexcia today she look thick az hell in dose jeans

guy 2" yea i heard she was a freak 2
by crazypapi32 May 02, 2009
A girl with a fine body, that makes you wanna ram her till she squirts,Nice butt, Nice Tities and she's is also known for giving great sex in bed, and Good Head. So to all the guys out there with an Elexcia, your a lucky one.
Guy1:Dude I just had sex for the first time last night!
Guy2: For real!?!
Guy1: Yeah! She was a total Elexcia, Like omg, I have the most best girlfriend ever.
by Dr.J Heffer November 24, 2014
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