shittier music for people that want the REAL music and it is the hip hop music that is the real music
why can't this fuckin store turn off this shitty elevator music and put it on 94.5 instead of this boring crap
by laughingcat1963 November 29, 2007
Top Definition
The shnazzy music that plays in elevators, supermarkets, cheep family restaurants, amusement park lines, and the YMCA's men locker room. Useually jazz or clasical.
*muffled* doo doo di doo doopidy doo.
by joe shmoe February 28, 2003
dull uninteresting music of the type heard in elevators
I wish they would play something besides this boring elevator music.
by Light Joker December 16, 2005
Music you listen to while you're elevated, baked, lifted, stoned, blazed, or whatever colloquial term you use for "getting high"
"All we do is ride around and get high to it,
That's why we call it that elevator music"
by Lord Quas August 20, 2009
"Ear-candy" spoken by a gal that makes a guy get an "elevation" between his legs.
She: Hey, whoa --- what's with the huge hard-on? All I said was that it's too hot today for me to put on underwear!
He: Heck, Gorgeous --- that's elevator music enough to my ears!
by QuacksO August 27, 2013
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