Vaginally inserting a surge protector until the clitoris is stimulated then plug it in to zap that bitch
Eileen should give herself an Electric Twanger.

Malloy received an electric twanger hitch-hiking from Tennessee.
by Nelis October 20, 2004
Top Definition
anally or vaginally inserting a surge protector until reaching that person reaches climax then zapped when plugged in
Nelis uses an electric twanger every night to the thought of Holbrook and Sherwin.
by not an electric twanger user February 22, 2005
the art of inserting one or more surge protectors into a females vaginal orifice stimulating the clitoris and pluging it in therefore zappin the bitch!!!!
i gave that bitch the electric twanger now shes dead
by Holbrook October 18, 2004
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