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1) A toy or model train that is powered by electricity. The most common examples are Lionel type trains and the H.O. trains sold in hobby shops

2) Any real train that is powered by electricity. Power may come from overhead wires, known as a 'catenary system', or through a power "third rail" that runs alongside the regular tracks.
1) Joe went to the hobby shop and bought a set of electric train for the kids.

Lionel makes great electric trains.

2) Electric trains run on the Montclair Line on New Jersey Transit.

The GG1 Locomotive is an example of a powerful electric train
by Tom from the Shore November 15, 2007
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1) An orgy filled with electricians. 2) When a woman uses multiple electric sex toys and finishes in her caboose (ass).
1) Emily invited the high line worker and his buddies over for an electric train.

2) Emily used up all her toys and ran the 9incher into her caboose.
by jwrench October 19, 2010
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