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The Electric Bowling Ball is a close relative of "The Shocker." Often misinterpreted as "The Claw," it's a maneuver that resembles the shape of your hand when gripping a bowling ball. If the woman is laying on her back, the thumb is inserted into the vagina and the middle and ring finger inserted into the butthole.

The word "Electric" is latin in origin and derives from the shock that occurs when the Electric Bowling Ball is first used. The Electric Bowling Ball should not be used frequently or for more than 20 minutes at a time.
"Josh, my girlfriend is pissing me off today," says Mike. "Yeah, you should give her the Electric Bowling Ball and dump her."

Did you see that girl's face? It was like someone Electric Bowling Balled her without KY!
by Mike Tweezy Good-Cox April 02, 2010

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