When an overweight man has sex with a petite woman, where it is required for the man to lift his fat in order to fornicate, inevitably covering the woman and keeping her warm during the boinking session(s).
Guy A: So did you give her the Electric Blanket last night?

Guy B: Once I plugged it in, she was warm all night!
by Matt SR November 14, 2007
Top Definition
When a man has a vibrating dildo inserted into his anus, and lies upon a woman and has anal sex with her. Thus she receives the transmissions from the dildo in the mans ass, rendering her in a state of orgasmic ecstacy.
J : Last night i gave my girfriend an electric blanket.
M: Dude didn't that hurt you?
J: Yeah but she loved it.
by ElectricFuton February 21, 2010
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