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Elayna's are the most amazing, beautiful girls to ever live. Once you have an Elayna in your life, don't ever let her go, because she will be an amazing friend or girlfriend. She can make anyone laugh, because she has the best sense of humor ever known. But she can also be sweet and understanding, and gives great advice. Be thankful if you know an Elayna.
Girl: Elayna is just so funny!
Guy: Yeah, and a great girlfriend. So sweet!
Girl: We are so lucky to know her! :)
by breakfastlunchanddinner December 07, 2012
a name, for a girl who:

1. is an amazing friend
2. is slightly emo but in a good way
3. is a wannabe cool person but in reality is a nerd
4. is pretty dang smart
5. worries too much
6. is very insightful!
7. likes pie. and lamps.
Have you met the new cool person in town? I bet her name is Elayna.
by Lila Boomshackle December 31, 2010
one who is very sexual and tortures someone in a sexual way, usually a female.
also see nympho
Omg dude....your girlfriend is such an Elayna...
by bananabreadface March 16, 2009
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