Top Definition
1. An apple douche

2. A person who asks insanely dumb questions such as "What's a moe-no-poe-lee?"

3. Starter of the famous conversation during a microeconomics class that started it all:
Elan: "Did you know that's producer's surplus?
Joanne <extremely pissed, irritated, and annoyed that Elan interrupted Joanne from finishing writing the word "producer's surplus" on her graph>: "Ummm, YEAH".
Elan: "I said IS that producer's surplus. God you're such a bitch!"

4. A hardcore Yankee fan who wants to do Gary Sheffield.

5. Someone who can't spell the word "hungry"

6. A college student at Binghamton University who rocks
Elan once said "I haven't had apple douche in a long time" and I freaked out.
by Cynical Bitch November 18, 2004
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