a self centered bitch who likes the Dilido up the ass and down the throat! And likes to use the poles in the sub way station as her own personal sex toys because she like to put finger up her #@%#$& and her !$@$#@%$ if any guy has her for a girl friends i would suggest getting her a stripper that you can rent because she wont ever prove up to be a good straight girl friends... go for a lesbian elania because they like girls better.
by :D :P :) February 05, 2010
Top Definition
A very loving person, who loves to share her love to everyone.She is a great person to be around.She is the best friend you could ever ask for.
That girl over there reminds me of Elaina
by C-C-W November 17, 2008
Italian and Spanish form of Helen, meaning "torch" or "moon" or more likely "to elope". Also known as a down to earth beautiful girl.

she is such an elaina
by feli March 17, 2008
The most beautiful girl who has ever walked the face of the earth. She will make any guy stop and stare at her as she walks by. She is emotional at times but can over come it and keep going. She is a WONDERFUL person once you get to knnow her and im sure would make a damn good girlfriend!
As Elaina walks down the side walk with Jacob, all the other guys get so jealous the go and cry to their moms
by Jdawg12345 September 22, 2012
A girl who is super beautiful that i love so much
She,s so elaina
by 214312312321312312312312 October 02, 2010
A name meaning "torch" or "bright light," and derives from the name Elaine. Also, a beautiful, honest, and unique girl, who likes rave music and is very fun and random. Very lovable, and has characteristics that make someone want to marry her.
I love Elaina so much, I want to spend the rest of my life with her.
by Bighairdude May 01, 2011
A dark featured extremely exotic looking girl who is a dime piece! She's gotta cute fast, slim waist, and a BIG behind.....couldn't get any more perfect.
Everyone wants to wife up an Elaina!
by boysindah00d August 19, 2011
girl who is so hard that scary films dont affect her
elaina watched paranormal activity and was not phased. she went out, bought a ouija board and hoped for the best.
by taekwondo champ March 14, 2011

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