vaginal squirting reached with climax during sexual intercourse with a spanish woman
Miguel: yo Guadalupe

Guadalupe: whatup meng?

Miguel: Why is the sofa wet?

Guadalupe: o sorry meng, it's probably from Maria's El Nino last night. ill take it to el cleaners.
by joseaids November 02, 2009
Spanish for The Nino. As said on Saterday Night Live.
I am...EL NINO! All other tropical storms tremble before...EL NINO!
by Lucy January 03, 2005
A lazy man's way of writing "El Niño".
Bill "I heard el nino hit mexico last week."

Margarita "¿Qúe?"
by GreatMcGoogler October 11, 2008
The act of receiving a blumpkin (blowjob while taking a dump) and shitting hard. The gentle splaah of turd water on the girl's face is "El Nino".
Hey Danny, I totally El Ninoed that bitch last night.
by S DeeZee November 14, 2007
Anal activities which occur at three times the speed of the sound. Can cause intense redness and diahrrea, may be fatal.
I got an El Nino, fuck wat they teach u dumb ass slow and steady leads the way
by Eduardo January 10, 2005
big ol titty's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you have big el ninos
by da hawk February 14, 2005

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