a trangender car in the process of getting the operation that will cause it to become a truck.
or vice versa
jeff: my car always felt it should have been born a truck. now its in the process of becoming one!
Manny: oh so its an el camino right now?
An automobile of the 70's and 80's vintage. Also used to describe a really bad mullet. Business up front, party in the back. Usually people with mullets drive bunk El-Caminos and have the nick name hoss or sea bass.
"Damn check out the El-Camino on that guy."
"WTF that chick is sporting a fine El-Camino yep must be playing for the other team"

by John Enright March 29, 2006
A chick you would do, but so nasty, that you wouldn't want to tell your friends about it.
That chick is like an El Camino. Fun to ride until your friends see you.
by the-moyni May 30, 2009
spanish for "the camino".
what does el camino mean?
the camino
by fecal matter January 22, 2005
ridi'n w/ tha Caddy another smooth pimp mobile
damn that 69' el camino ss is throwed
by Jamofo August 23, 2003
community college in Torrance, CA where local high school students go to continue high school after they graduate, under the auspices of "going to college" also known as UC El Co, UC Torrance, etc.
"you graduate from Narbonne?"
"where you goin next year? UCLA?"
"nah man..got rejected. im goin to UC EL CO BITCH!!!!"
by LuDaChRiS August 09, 2003
El Camino means "the path," "the way'" or "the road."

Chevy El Caminos, and there clones GMC Caballeros, are trucks. Why? Because GMC don't build no cars.
Grant: "Jesús es el Camino."
Lee: "Please speak English old man."
Grant: " Jesus is the way."
by Yankee Caballero May 20, 2016
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