A weasly Puerto Rican who burns co-workers in hopes of making himself look better in the eyes of his boss.
El Piglet Royal tried to set everyone in the shop up by throwing the tapes away, then lying about it.
by One of the wronged June 28, 2003
Top Definition
Back Stabber
El Piglet Royal said one thing to my face, then shit all over me to the boss.
by True Believer June 29, 2003
A weasly rat faced piece of shit who thinks the every one around him is at his disposal.
The sneaky one exclaimed "hey youz guyzez, do everything forz me sozez I don't lookz like a grande turd."
by Nene June 30, 2003
A perfunctory piece of shit. See Splinter and Sneaky Snake.
That El Piglet Royal is over there humping the leg again, no big surprise though.
by South Kackalacki Lacki July 01, 2003
Flamboyant cross-dresser who wears flowing robes and scads of fake gold jewelry.
Did you see El Piglet's new Guch-asachi suit with the rubber footie protectors today??? He's so gay!!!!
by Anti Guch-asachi booty July 07, 2003
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