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The act of having the girl your in love with leave you for a short mexican, usually with a big head. This is a rare tragedy that only happens once every other hundred years If you are unlucky enough for this to happen to you, you must have done something wrong to piss off the big man upstairs.
Patrick: hey man so what happened with you and emily?

Mike: ......she is dating Rafa


Mike: *sigh* yeah man

Everyone in the world: EL CAMINOED

Mike: FML
#fail #michael #emily #rafa #faggot #bitch #ass #cunt #skank #el caminoed #son of a bitch #god hates me #fml #the raiders
by vagman:) November 04, 2009
Inflected Forms: El Camino, El Caminoing

The act of having your girlfriend stolen from you by a short Mexican or Hispanic kid. Victims who are "el caminoed," are subject to depression and low self esteem for weeks or months after the incident.

SEE: el cathedralled
John: Hey George, are you still going out with that chick you hooked up with at the party?
George: no she went with Juan...
John: haha bro you just got el caminoed!
George: fuck my life
#el caminoed #el camino #mike #emily #rafa #short mexican
by PreachinPeaches November 02, 2009
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