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A white washed way for someone who knows not a word of spanish to say "the bitch".

Otherwise, it means nothing. It is not the real way you say bitch in spanish.
StupidWhiteGirl1: "Oh my god! You are such a bitch!"

StupidWhiteGirl2: "Psh!...I am not a bitch I am El Bitcho!"
by Tacy Tay May 12, 2006
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Elbitcho another word for a kinky boy whos got it coming to him.

Very sexy acts like a poof.
Elbitcho (nooky) is a very sexy boy who wants to get whipped and all kinky'd up.
by hazman102 March 10, 2008
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Omg! Look out! El Bitcho is coming this way!
by Kara December 05, 2003
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