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The wrestler who will break your back like SO!
"Anyone who makes fun of El Asso Wipo had best be ready to have their back broken like SO! With my knee!"
by D-san July 16, 2003
A returning character from the comedy show, MadTV. The notorious Argentinian wrestler - self-named "El Asso Wipo" - was infamous for demonstrating how he would break people's backs, "Like so! With my knee!"
"Of course not. El Asso Wipo would not break the back of a baby or the holy back of a priest. But ... anybody else who steps in to the ring with me had better be in desperate need of having his back broken for that is what lies in wait for him! Grown men will weep. Beautiful women will dance naked at my feet! El Asso Wipo will marry Cindy Crawford and barbeque hamburgers with President Bill Clinton. Little American children will buy an Asso Wipo action figure and stay up late on school nights to watch El Asso Wipo interview Tom Hanks on El Asso Wipo Show! All this will come to pass or this country will be a wasteland of broken back invalids!"
- El Asso Wipo, Interviewing for the WWF
by RoyRoy June 18, 2008
A poor attempt to translate "You ass wipe". (Correctly: Usted trapo del asno - or you could use "cula" inplace of asno and it would mean a donkey ass)
You el asso wipo.
by Bart Flourance November 24, 2003
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