find a way or method to live.. to do the least to survive
Tom didn't had money to pay his tuition, yet he eked some from charity institutions
by AUS student November 27, 2010
Top Definition
To 'do an eke' would be to injure your wrist, generally caused during the process of masturbation.
Person 1: Why have you got bandages around your wrist/hand?

Person 2: I did an eke.
by thescalenetriangle April 27, 2013
Usualy a smart man who is hated by audience because nobody can understand him.
Plato was eke.
Jordano Bruno was burned because he was eke
by Rochika April 23, 2008
getting dickslapped on a hill
i slapped the eke last night
by donkeybossh January 26, 2009
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