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An over enthusiastic pick up line often used to natives of Malta. The meaning being, "Good morning Madam, I wonder if you could perhaps kindly allow me to gently spank you with ever so meaty pig that lies in my trousers."
Man, "Ejja ha nsawtek bil hanzir!"

Man, "I was like Ejja ha nsawtek bil hanzir!"

Man, "Ejja ha nsawtek bil hanzir Mari!"
Woman, "But my name is Elizabeth"
Man, 'Thats what I said"

Man, "Il birah hadt bazz sawwat wahda bil hanzir all night long"
His Mum, *scream* "What have I raised!!??"
*His dad gives him a tap on the shoulder and gives him some house wine that he made*

Kate, "Heard you were with Jake last night, did he like sawwtek bil hanzir?"
Mary, "You are such a perv kate!"
Kate, "Come on you could at least tell us!"
Mary, *snigger* "Well yes we did it... and the funny thing is that he used that pick up line"
Elizabeth, "You are sick"
#pig #piglet #malta #sex #spank
by 99zigguratmarelli November 22, 2010
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