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An irish girl's name - Irish for Elizabeth.
Eilis Dillon - author
by Daphne2 February 04, 2010

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The most beautiful, amazing person you'll ever meet. She'll make you smile no matter how you feel. An overall perfect girl. The best girlfriend ever <3
by NJC26 April 13, 2013
A girl who is smart, beautiful, and down right cheeky. She captivates everyone she meets, and has a certain essence to her. An Eilis is someone you want to be around, and you can always trust. She'll end up with a cheeky lad who treats her right, and she can whip any man she comes across. Watch out for those Eilis's, they can be quite the heartbreakers.. but in the end, you probably wont really mind that your heart is being broken by her, just because its her breaking it.
John: "Hey man, that Eilis... shes something special."
Katie: "I wish i could be Eilis. Her boyfriend is so perfect, and so is she."
by Daaaaaaaan May 20, 2013