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The act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse in which two men position themselves on either side of the female and proceed to commence the fornication while simultaneously slapping each others hand, thus resembling the Eiffel Tower. This act is usually accompanied by an energetic "Yeah Bro".
Those two kids were late to class because they were eiffeling that chick in the hallway.
by Ill get back to u on that 1 December 16, 2008
A woman simultaneously receiving anal sex and performing fellatio, thus (assuming the males are standing and she is bent over) forming what could be considered to be an Eiffel Tower-like shape.
John and Mike were Eiffeling Mary.
by Some French Guy May 20, 2008
When under age boys and girls get together and do buttsecks and oral in an orgy-esque style. But it's not real sex. So they can still claim to be virgins.

Mostly a phenomenon with white, surburban kids.
Vickie and Paul got caught eiffeling by Liz's dad at the party.
by Niki with one k May 20, 2008
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