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A true beauty. One of nature's best, and far superior to the similar "Elana, Elaina, or Alana". If you are lucky enough to know an Ehlana, make sure you keep them close. Or far away. Ehlanas do not like people who are very different from them and/or can not adapt to the people around them. They are very fun to be around, if you enjoy the arts, and simple things in life. If you do not start out on the good side of an Ehlana, it will be very hard to get there for you.

Oh, and not to mention how cute and adorable they are. They surround themselves in their world with cute and adorable things.

Ehlana will get distracted very easily and seem clueless at times, but she is simply just in her own world, ruling as she pleases. Ehlanas are very generous, and expect nothing in return. While ethical, they are also very logical, and do not step up to acedemic challenges much, although they would blow anyone out of the water if they did.

If people were jewels, Ehlanas would be fragile and colorful like opal, but as strong and pure as a diamond.
Teacher "Billy Pocket?"

Student "here!"

Teacher "Um... I'm not sure how to pronounce this... Elaina?"

Student "It's Ehlana, she's right here."

Ehlana "Huh?"

Class *laughs*
by that strange guy January 11, 2012
annoying, environmental freak, shouldn't eat yoghurt and then laugh, two million isn't much money,, but i am like really poor, doesn't like friends talking to neighbors, WHERE IS MY ACNE CREAM! did you guys steal it? and you CANNOT write below the wave. BFFLS WITH MA MUMMAAAYY
eg. Ehlana: I am soooo poor I only have three dollars left in my wallet!,,, but guys two million dollars is not that much, when you buy a house its like three million
by awesomemumma April 03, 2011

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