A play on words meaning someone who is egotistical but backs up there self centred claims with graphs and numbers. (hence statistical).

Also someone who simply produces statistics that glorify themselves and their deeds.

Alternatively showing off that you have a good ability with statistics.
'That guy saying hes ace with all those graphs and charts about himslef is egostatistical'.
by Thomas Wood March 14, 2006
Top Definition
A smart ass that knows everything that ever has been, is now, and ever will be, and reminds everyone of this at every given moment. You try to reference something loosely just for effect, and this guy brings everything to a screeching halt correcting you with minor details, sounding all smart like. no one really likes this person, but he tags along like he’s part of the group. he is put up with though because usually the guy has a sweet house with a hot tub that you take full advantage of.
You: Dude, This rubix is impossible!

Egostatistical"friend": Actually, according to quantum mechanics, nothing can ever be "impossible," just very, very unlikely. Also, the rubix cube has over 42 quintillion combinations for the order of the squares.

You: Fuck you I’m going in your hot tub.
by Abe713 April 01, 2008
Used to describe someone who uses statistics to boost their own ego.
"You are so egostatistical!"
by Kerrigore July 14, 2003
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