The inflated thinking that one's own presence, mojo, swagg, etc. is enough to cause the earth to quake.
Link: "This place never had an earthquake until I moved here."
Rhett: "You egoseismic bastard."
by failget March 05, 2012
Link from GMM
Link is so egoseismic that he thinks he prevents earthquakes.
by Earthquake Man March 05, 2012
A form of narcissism that assumes that the person is the cause of earthquakes in their location.
You are egoseismic to believe that there are earthquakes in Los Angeles because you live there.
by The4thRider March 05, 2012
The belief that your personal location directly affects the epicenter of earthquakes.
Rhett: Since we've been out here we haven't experienced an earthquake, but back in North Carolina they DID have one.

Link: Maybe it's US! Maybe our moving out here redirected the epicenter of the nation's earthquakes!

Rhett: That's called egocentric thinking, thinking that we had something to do with it.

Link: I think it'd be egoSEISMIC.
by quanticat March 05, 2012
When one thinks that the source of an earthquake moved because of himself/herself
"Maybe us coming out here redirected the epicenter of US earthquakes to where we were from"

"That's called egocentric thinking"

"I would call it egoseismic thnking"
by Moe'Suckra March 05, 2012
1) A person who, depending on their position on mother earth, prevents earthquakes in their general area.

2) One who repels earthquakes
R: That's Egocentric thinking

L: I like to think of it as egoseismic thinking

"We moved from North Carolina to California and ironically there haven't been any earthquakes here, but there was one on North Carolina. I guess that means we're egoseismic"
by Greysun March 05, 2012
The theory that earthquakes follow you, wherever you live.
Steve: "We never get earthquakes here!"
Paul: "We will now, I just moved here."
Steve: "You are so ego-seismic."
by Mariah444 March 05, 2012
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