The belief that the position and frequency of earthquake activity is based around one's self (much like egocentric thinking).
"I would gladly accept being an egoseismic; wherever I go, earthquakes flee."
by paradox95 March 05, 2012
The egocentric belief that earthquakes or other seismic activities and events are effected by one's presence.
After a recent relocation to an area which through the media had become popularized as a hot spot for seismic activity, Link became disillusioned through his egoseismic thinking that the extended period of time without seismic activity had been a direct effect of his presence.
by BFreeRenegade March 05, 2012
The belief that ones own location has a direct influence on the presence, or lack thereof, of natural disasters, especially earthquakes.
Link: Maybe us coming out here redirected the epicenter of US earthquakes to where we were from. Rhett: That's very egoseismic of you, Link.
by Aisling March 05, 2012
When the a person believes the positioning of themselves affects earthquakes.
I know we just moved from North Carolina to California, but no earthquakes have happened here. Though there has been one in North Carolina after we left. I think it must be us.

Person 2: That is egoseismic thinking.
by The Mythical Monster March 05, 2012
The act of thinking that one's presence in a given area directly correlates with the amount of earthquakes in that area.
(As coined by YouTube legend Link Neal of RhettandLink)
"We haven't been in an earthquake since we moved here. Maybe us moving here re-directed the U.S. epicenter of earthquakes to where we came from."
"That's egotistical thinking, saying that we had something to do with the earthquakes."
"I would call it 'egoseismic' thinking."
by CarBen Dioxide March 05, 2012
The belief that one's own actions or location determines the frequency of earthquakes in a given area.
Link's egoseismic outlook led him to believe that earthquakes could not happen in a given city when he was there.
by OSUguy1990 March 05, 2012
To be self-centered, but in a earthquake kinda way...

Invented by Link and first featured on GMM on 05/03/2012
'i would call it egoseismic thinking'
by jadif March 05, 2012
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