Believing that the epicenter of earthquakes has something to do with one's location.
Friend A: Maybe moving to California has moved the location of earthquakes away from us.
Friend B: Stop thinking Egoseismically
by Starrus March 17, 2012
When you believe that the fact that you moved to another state or country, is the cause of the redirection of the epicenter of earthquakes to where you were from.
Rhett: Don't you think it's egocentric to believe that you had something to do with the earthquakes?
Link: Well, I would call it egoseismic thinking.
by Daddledoo March 13, 2012
Originally conceived by the minds of Rhett and Link, to be egoseismic is to be under the belief that the location in which earthquakes occur is dependent on one's own location.
"Dude, I think the earthquakes in California stopped because I moved here."
"Man, that's a little egoseismic, don't you think?"
by Viceroy_Elf March 05, 2012
Thinking that you can keep away earthquakes by your presence somewhere.
Link is so egoseismic, he hasn't felt an earthquake in LA since he's moved there.
by RhettandLinkftw March 05, 2012
The belief that you have something to do with the occurrence of earthquakes. Being egocentric relating to tremors of the earth.
Guy 1: "Maybe us moving out here is the reason there haven't been any earth quakes"
Guy 2: "Quit being so egoseismic!"
by WhoreSchmore March 05, 2012
Egocentrically thinking that moving to California from another U.S. state redirects the epicenter of an earthquake
dude, since we moved to California there hasn't been a single earthquake!
quit being so egoseismic
by assviolater March 05, 2012
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