The belief that earthquakes are relative to where you are in the world.
Link: "Maybe the fact that we moved to California moved the epicenter of earthquakes in the U.S. from California to where we were from."

Rhett: "That's called, 'Egocentric thinking'

Link: "I would call it, 'Egoseismic thinking'
by TheGreenChameleon March 05, 2012
having or regarding the self or the individual as having great effect on seismic activity in an area
Link's theory on why he hasn't experienced earthquakes was very egoseismic.
by Another Mythical Beast March 05, 2012
A self centered belief that Earthquakes or seismic shifts happen wherever you happen to live (Not to be confused with Anti-Egoseismic
A: God, there've been like, twenty earthquakes in L.A. since I got here! I think they're following me!

B: Dude, you're being Egoseismic, stop...
by juskarath March 05, 2012
The notion that your location on earth will determine or affect the location of earthquake epicenters.
When moving to California, I, being my egoseismic self, pushed the epicenter of earthquakes to North Carolina.
by GoodMythicalMorning March 05, 2012
The belief that your location directly effects the locations of earthquakes throughout the world
Link: I think that us moving out to California caused the Earthquakes to stop
Rhett: That's rather egoseismic thinking there
by StupidButCunning March 05, 2012
Believing you caused an earthquake.
Link: Maybe it's us. Maybe us coming out here, redirected the epicenter of US earthquakes to where we were from.

Rhett: That's called egocentric thinking, Link. Now did you think that we had something to do with the earthquakes in the big world.

Link: I would call it egoseismic thinking.
by rhettandlink3 March 05, 2012
The ability of one to redirect the U.S. seismic epicenter to his current geographical location. Antonym- "antiegoseismic." As defined by Rhett & Link on "Good Mythical Morning" Monday, March 5, 2012.
With his egoseismic properties, Hawk Man brought a quake of destruction everywhere he went.
by SoggyWafl March 05, 2012
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