The opinion of an individual that wherever their geographic location, earthquakes and other seismic activity will flee.
"I've never experienced an earthquake. I moved from the east coast to the west coast, and since I left there has been an earthquake on the west coast, yet never an earthquake here on the east coast."
"Dude you are so Egoseismic"
by sugaritupp March 05, 2012
When your ego is big enough that you believe that earthquakes in America have moved somewhere else because of something you did.
Rhett and Link were so egoseismic that they believe the earthquakes in California have moved away since they moved into California.
by traceur22 March 05, 2012
The belief that ones prescence in a place might have somethign to do with the decreasing of seismic activity, coined by Link from youtube channel rhettandlink and rhettandlink2
-Thinking that the earthquakes have receded because of us is egocentric link
No, it's egoseismic
by taurus20 March 05, 2012
Thinking that your presence lowers seismic activity.
Link on Good Mythical Morning was egoseismic thinking that when he and Rhett moved to California the earthquakes moved back to North Carolina.
by SacrificialCat359 March 05, 2012
A flawed egostistical way of thinking esp. That earthquakes flee from whereever you are located; a specific form of egotism
Link was displaying egoseismic behavior, so Rhett shut him down real fast. Then an awesome 14 yearold Youtuber Urban Dictionary'd it.
by Raeven97 March 05, 2012
The belief that one's personal location directly affects the epicenter of earthquakes. A pun of "egocentric".
Friend1: Since we moved to California, there hasn't been an earthquake, but back in North Carolina, where we're from, there WAS one!

Friend2: Maybe it's US! Like, where we live can't get hit!

Friend1: That's not how it works. Quit being egoseismic.
by quanticat March 06, 2012
the thinking of you causing natural disasters such as: earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

You cause natural disasters
"Yo man, i feel egoseismic cuz' there was an earthquake and I predicted it. And when I moved to California, we directed the natural disasters to North Carolina."

by Hsiaoy March 05, 2012
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