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An Egonaut is someone, who spends a great deal of the time contemplating existential questions and the overall order of things. En Egonaut is a reflective thinker.

Egonaut in this sense is comparable to Astronaut, but with the exception that the Astronaut travels in space, and the Egonaut travels in thought.
I am constantly asking the question "why"?.

It seems like I am always looking for the answer to all the questions at once. I wish I could stop being such an f-ing Egonaut.
by Egonaut July 12, 2009
Adjective to describe a person with a a larger than normal ego. Can be used to describe a set of people.
I was at a conference the other day with a room full of egonauts. It wasn't very productive.

Billy is such an egonaut. He won't listen to anything that doesn't come from his own mouth.
by gyrussfanx March 06, 2008