Adjective to describe a person with a a larger than normal ego. Can be used to describe a set of people.
I was at a conference the other day with a room full of egonauts. It wasn't very productive.

Billy is such an egonaut. He won't listen to anything that doesn't come from his own mouth.
by gyrussfanx March 06, 2008
Top Definition
An Egonaut is someone, who spends a great deal of the time contemplating existential questions and the overall order of things. En Egonaut is a reflective thinker.

Egonaut in this sense is comparable to Astronaut, but with the exception that the Astronaut travels in space, and the Egonaut travels in thought.
I am constantly asking the question "why"?.

It seems like I am always looking for the answer to all the questions at once. I wish I could stop being such an f-ing Egonaut.
by Egonaut July 12, 2009

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