A combination of Ugh, Eh, and Meh, 'egh' describes a state of apathy towards something that would normally draw your ire or disgust if you cared enough to care.
So, instead of:
"You despise me, don't you?"
"If I gave you any thought, I probably would"

You get:
"You despise me, don't you?"
by itsonlymike October 28, 2006
Fire service term meaning Everybody Goes Home. Usually accompianed by "PTB". Protect the brothers.
You all have a good shift. PTB-EGH
by VAFiremedic March 08, 2012
a short sound derived from the song warm your hands up by the fire!
Person 1: What did u do on Saturday night?

Person 2: I went to a friends and did some egh!
by D-Dud August 05, 2007

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