when you ejaculate in your partners belly-button, and then pee on it a little for the holandaise sauce.
He gave her the best eggs benedict ever!
by cheeze mcdougal April 15, 2006
Top Definition
The best food ever. Made two halves of an English muffin, and tooped with poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce and often an additional topping, such as ham, bacon or spinach. Occasionally the English muffin is substituted for artichoke bottoms.
"That was the best thing ever."

~Average person after eating eggs benedict for the first time
by SteelBite November 13, 2011
when one eats an extremely greasy meal to find out 30 minutes later they have the extreme shits
Brad went down to Chesters Fried Chicken to get some dank ass chicken but awhile later he ended up with eggs benedict instead.
by dcarlson83 November 23, 2008
A serving, or portion of eggs which the pope has allowed a priest to fornicate, or ejaculate onto.
Bill Donahue: Hey, uh.. your eminence, I can't handle the calls coming in any longer about the molestation accusations.

Pope (Former Hitler youth) Benedict XVI: It's alright, my son. I already came up with a solution. I have made a new decree to help alleviate the physical urges. Clergymen are now allowed to have sexual release, but only as long as it is done upon eggs, as God has meant them to be fertilized by the male seed.

Donahue: Brilliant! We can call them "Eggs Benedict" in your honour.
by The Technomancer April 03, 2010
when you fry your nuts on a frying pan and then have a chick lick your wounds.
Damn, I fried the shit out of my nuts on that damn frying pan, but then that bitch licked them wounds for me. She motha fuckin eggs benedict my ass.
by bonesaw69 May 13, 2009
Commonly referred to as semen.
Comes from spilled hollandaise sauce (from an eggs benedict dish) all over an IHOP server.
"Dude, this chick was giving me dome and I forgot to warn her. Eggs Benedict EVERYWHERE!"
by Spence D December 16, 2007
When one hides a frying pan beneath the bed and sets a timer to go off in the middle of fornication - and then when said timer goes off, screams "eggs benedict", grabs the frying pan, and beats the girl/guy into unconcsiousness.
Jailer to his new cellmate: "What are you in here for?"

New cellmate: "3 to 5 for eggs benediction."
by TRose January 11, 2005
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