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BDS&M term regarding the insertion of a finger or other object up a man's pee hole and jerks him off until he orgasms "internally."
Thank you for eggplanting me with such amazing precision and skill, Mistress Jenna!
by Buck Dagby August 04, 2008
The act of getting a boner
Friend one: "Damn, look at all this fine booty, dude I'm totally eggplanting"
Friend two: "Same, dude, same"
by Jill_Bree16 March 05, 2015
When a guy is planting his sperm into a girl either willingly or unwillingly.
Guy: Im 'bout to start Eggplanting all inside of you!
Girl: Go ahead i want you to!
by KaliVali June 10, 2009
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