Anyone who uses eggs in urban aggression. Based on the song "Eggman" by Beastie Boys.

- "Eggman", Beastie Boys
by TreeWeezel April 09, 2011
Eggmen are a different evolution of Humans. They evolved from Neandertals and build a massive empire sprawling across half the globe. Unfortunately the Eggmen didn't like the cold, so when the Ice Age arrived, they packed up and left Earth or DOX as was known back then. They left hints of their race behind. One for instance was Doxian, which mankind has adopted and renamed English.
All hail the Empire Of Eggman!
The man who brings the eggs in the John Water's movie, "Pink Flamingos" starring Divine!
The eggman brings eggs to the woman in the crib. She only eats eggs and ends up marrying the eggman!
by Bonzano March 16, 2006
Some idiot who tries to take over Mobius with a really annoying army of easily defeated robots. Then I have to somehow sneak into his base and destroy his evil monsters or badniks or whatever. Every single damn day! God, I hate that bastard...
Dr. Eggman is a fuckin' bastard.
by Sonic July 15, 2003
1)popular signiture used in text mesages(while atleast mine)
2)used in the beatles song"i am the walrus"
3)boss guy from sonic the hedge hog
Hey! whats popin?
by THE EGGMAN of pittsburgh December 12, 2009
A chief player in the strange and cabalistic egg industry : one who specializes in eggs and egg products
I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.
I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob.
by Lorn A. W. August 14, 2004
An idiotic version of Ivo Robotnik from another dimension.
Eggman is a moron.
by Exor October 30, 2003
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