The act of throwing eggs. Targets can be either random or predetermined, and can include houses, cars, people or general city property.
Inflicts damage on houses, and is annoyingly hard to clean off cars and clothes, at times impossible.
An enjoyable experience.
"Hey I've got my mum's car today, want to go egging?"
"Eh. May as well."
by me January 24, 2005
Top Definition
Egging is fun prank that the youth of today enjoy alot. It is the art of throwing eggs, usally at cars, houses and sometimes people. Its really annoying, stinks and is a bitch to clean off. But its fun to do, to watch people shout at you and looks great when the egg explodes all of a surface, even better if its a person! When you throw loads of eggs at one thing it is called slaugtering. It is usally done on halloween.
"Lets go egging tonight"

"We just slaughtered that guys car!"
#eggin' #egg throwing #bombing #slaugtering #egg lobbing
by {~Forrest~} October 30, 2005
Inserting ones testicles into the anal sphincter during sexual activity or can be used as an attack against rapists, and politicians.
I was egging his dad the other day.
#testicles #anal #sphincter #rapist #politician
by Jrocbaby January 14, 2015
Directly translated from, "Estoy hueveando," this phrase is used to describe an evolved state of hanging out and chilling.
Dude 1 - Hey, you egging?
Dude 2 - I'm SO egging.
#egging #eging #eggin' #chillin' #chilling #hanging out
by Sweet Persia February 18, 2008
throwing eggs at people car and houses it is best to do it on a friday night when people are going out so you ruin their outfits and hair and u have to do it either on halloween or when you are cruising
me and ma possy went egging last night
by gob shite May 21, 2005
Another Word For Masturbating, Used In Both Male And Female Context. Used In A Joke Manor. Called 'Egging' Because Of The Colour And Texture Of The Ejaculate.
Man 1 - Dude, Stop Egging Over That Girl
#masterbate #wank #wanking #beating #rubbing #sex #cumming #cum
by BatmansButler May 23, 2012
When a girl curls up into an egg shape then planting her face onto ground while a male with penis or female with strap on then either screws the girl in the vegina (thanks to the angle) or analy, like doggie style.

"The Egg Position"
Kelly: "Hey Jess, wanna start Egging?"

Jess: "Sure thing Kelly! kitchen or the living room?"

Kelly: "Either rooms good" (wink)

Kelly: "We can always do the next room tomorrow"

Jess: "Who's cleaning up the mess though?"

Kelly: "Ummmm........Tash will, since, after all, shes our slave"
#sex #oral #anal #pussy #group
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