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The ultimate energy drink. Energy and protein rolled into one. 1 can Red Bull. 1 Raw egg. Pour Red Bull into glass, crack egg into glass. Slam it. Rumored to be the drink of choice for athletes such as Michael Phelps.
We were doin eggerbombs last night, and Kev threw up all over the place.
by Klaus Vanderson November 27, 2010
9 1
Take a can of your favorite beer and pour it into a glass. After all the beer is in the glass drop a Reese's egg into it. Bomb the glass of beer then eat the Reese's egg. The best was to celebrate Easter.
Jeff: "Hey Nick fix us up some eggerbombs."

Nick: "Alright, this time don't puke your brains out pussy."
by gvforfun March 24, 2010
2 8