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Hocking up thick flem spitting into the air and catching in your mouth.
I'm walking with young lady I hack up lugy spit into the air catch it and say to her egg yolk
by Dr. Dabe December 09, 2013
A particully sticky pungent yellow discharge found in the gusset of a womans knickers. Often found covering the pissflaps with a tendency to adhere to the giblets and the bean. Some egg yokly discharge is that thick that when parting the beef curtains it almost resembles opening up a cheese toastie. Once a month this can also be found with tomato ketchup mixed in.
Mam... I pulled this fucking slut last night and went down to muff dive her then ended up with egg yolk discharge all over my face and some tomato clotchup on my tongue!!
by Andybean May 04, 2008
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