The act of shooting an enema of unfertilized eggs up somebody's ass, and then fucking it thereafter and cumming inside to fertilize them. You then leave them there until they turn into little fetuses, and then then shit them out.
Dude, Jerry has an Egg Salad being prepared in his ass.
by Eggsalad-er July 03, 2011
As in tossing a salad, egg salad is when you rim out and eat a girls vagina while she's ovulating.
"I'd toss her egg salad"

"the only egg I eat are people eggs in an egg salad"
by Lascivious February 22, 2010
The resultant mush that occurs in a woman's body upon witnessing an ovulation-inducing child of christ-like cuteness.
"Did you see that picture mesh of Zach Braff and Donald Faison, making their perfect dream progeny?"
"Yeah, I made egg salad instantly"
by Shocka_celia March 05, 2015
When you stick your nuts between your legs so they stick out the back and then you moon someone.
Oh my god, I can't believe henry showed me his eggsalad!
by Steve R Jenkins August 14, 2006
The sexual act of placing lettuce, tomatoes and other common salad toppings inside of a woman's vagina and then eating it using her vaginal fluids like a salad dressing.

This act is commonly preformed preceding a fancy or expensive dining event, usually in a bathroom or in the back seat of a vehicle.
Dude, my girlfriend let me have an egg salad when we were waiting for our table at olive garden last night!
by WizardLizard April 25, 2011
Where a man or woman defecates all over a woman or man's "greelz" and then the receiver "swooshes" the feces around their mouth and spits it back out into the original person's anus. They then leave it sit for twenty to thirty minutes. This is known as the "baking" period. After the time is up, the man or woman who was originally shit on, scoops the regurgitated feces out of the anal cavity and spreads it over white bread and proceeds to eat it and share it with others.
"What's that on yo' breaf' skank?"

"Jimmy gave me an egg salad a few minutes ago."
by MilliHAX October 16, 2009
This occurs when two men have sex in the missionary position and subsequently one man's balls rest on the other's shaft, splitting the sac, one nut on each side.
Frenchman: "Dude let's you and me both go into the bathroom right now and make an Egg Salad"

2nd Frenchman: "Oui. hooooooooooooooooooo!"
by Erick Caceres September 07, 2006
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