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The inevitable by-product of two or more gay dudes having sex within the confines of a hot tub. In effect, semen that is ejaculated into the water, then floats in the bubbling man stew, giving the exact appearance of egg drop soup.
Guy to his girlfriend - "Let's be sure to take kitchen strainer to the hot tub next time we go. Remember the last time we used a tub that some gay dudes banged each other in and created some egg drop soup!"
by mahoganyride September 17, 2007
9 15
The resulting effect of having sex in a hot tub.
Man, the jacuzzi sure looks like a bowl of egg drop soup after last nights party!
by comaboy1971 January 08, 2012
10 2
A dish consisting of a woman's menstrual blood. The name comes from the fact that the woman is 'dropping eggs' at the time.
Dude, Peter's fucking sick. He drank up Donna's eggdrop soup like it was no big deal.
by RobotKeaton May 14, 2009
10 7
A toilet filled with urine and a large amount of toilet paper.
Phil: Hey, Tom that restroom was full of egg drop soup!

Tom: Gross!
by mrannihalator April 17, 2012
2 2
A Soupy, Undouched, Loose, Stinky Vag Which Closely Resembles The Famed Egg Drop Soup.
I Should Have Worn Protection Because That Slut Was Serving Egg Drop Soup.
by cheifpopanowa June 01, 2009
6 6
Noun: The fluid produced when ejaculate received in the mouth during oral sex is excreted through the nose after being made to laugh.

Verb: Egg Drop Souping - the act of expelling ejaculate from the nose after having received it in your mouth from performing oral sex and being made to laugh.
He busted his nut right as I was remembering a joke from earlier, and I totally egg drop souped. Do you have any idea how much that burns?
by karmakabuki February 12, 2013
0 1
when a guy cums inside a girl and then pisses inside of her.
if in a threesome, serve one of the people a healthy serving of egg drop soup by cumming in the other one and then piss inside, right after. you've created a delightful dish of egg drop soup. try not to spill any....
by Conway Twatty March 09, 2010
3 7
The term for the fluid excreated from the female vagina during ovulation.
"Oh NO" cried Mr. Wroten "Her Egg Drop Soup is on my bald spot"
by OvumSoup June 28, 2004
15 20