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Similar in nature to the maneuver known as the Arabian Goggles. It involves taking the testicles and then placing them in the eye sockets of one unsuspecting victim (who's conventionally inebriated to the point of unconsciousness. Usually done where other drunk individuals witness the ordeal. Has been known to involve cameras used to capture the image for humiliation of the fore mentioned victim at a time when he's more cognitively fit to feel demoralized.
Dude 1: "Jimmy drank a fifth of 151 the other night and passed out sitting up in his chair with his shoes and all of his clothes still on"

Dude 2: "Oh no bro, somebody must have messed with him in a devastating way"

Dude 1: "Frankie gave him an egg crate. But I still say he got off easy. It could have been an atomic egg crate"

Dude 2: "True..."
by wrightr333 April 29, 2009

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