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a generic name for an overworked, oversexed, edgy, extremely creative Ritalin bitch.
guy 1: you going over to Efrat mate?
guy 2: yeah mate, she's told to be the best in the market ain't she
guy 1: Careful ol' chap. She can eat you alive.
by Matans May 23, 2011
smart, can be quiet but completely insane at the same time... pretty. many pple like efrats and their creativity and outgoing personality.
i like the name efrat...
by tracy allen September 02, 2012
also known as feededeeded and pi kappa E-frat. comes from the latin word "efratdisiac" which translates as "dayam"
hooooooooot diggidy efrat
by kelley December 08, 2004
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