verb: Refusing to eat broccoli on a Sunday morning.

(Often heard by Regina Spektor in a song called "Eet")
Jane's mom yelled at her daughter who was eeting right before they left for church that morning.
#eet #regina spektor #morning #broccoli #sunday
by that bitch stole my cookies! August 27, 2010
Top Definition
A feeling of emotion equivalent to forgetting the words to your favorite song.
You can't remember; you try to feel the beat.

Eet eet eet.
Eet eet eet.
#eet #eat #feet #music #feat #beat
by Greenee October 14, 2009
Short for Sweet, meaning awesome, describing something that is preferable happening.
John: "How much is entry to that new club?"
Jessica: "It's free!"
John: "Ah, Eets!!"
#sweet #awesome #nice #good #mad #great
by urfavouriteitem November 09, 2012
the "backspace" button on a typewriter which does not erase the mistake, rather it goes back to the spot that the mistake and allowed you to type another letter over the previous one.

as referred to in Regina Spektor's song "Eet"
we all need and eet sometimes. as in we need all need a re-do sometimes.


I pressed the eet key as I made a mistake on my type writter
#re-do #undo #typewriter #regina spektor #eet
by iammeiamjimmy January 13, 2013
Eastern European Time (EET) is one of the names of UTC+2 time zone, 2 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time. It is used in some European, North African, and Middle Eastern countries. Most of them also use Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3) as a summer daylight saving time.
One second ago i was in CET zone and now im in EET zone, WOH!
#gmt #cet #est #utc #eu
by Uop April 18, 2008
The feeling of satisfaction or comfort achieved by drugs also used to say your fine.
I took three pills now im fucking eets eets
Nah dont worry about me i'll be eets eets
#pills #eshays #fine #sweet #innerwest.
by pataypfb November 05, 2013
1. Eat

2. It

Often used on Mediadriven, or on Furcadia.

2. Eets not all that hard.
by Derogative December 20, 2003
Eets is the collective noun for anything edible.

Pronunciation: AIDS.
1) I Can Haz Eets?

2) I'm hungry .... Let's get Eets!

3) Do you Eets?

4) I want Eets!
#eets #food #cheezburgerz #eat #aids
by Rinkusoz January 05, 2010
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