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A colloquial expression used to be able to make a selection/decision at random. This is done by pointing with your finger randomly at the possible choices and chanting each word. Whichever option is pointed at when saying "moe" is the one that should be chosen - mostly, as some people cheat and do it again. This can be done with your eyes either open or shut.
There are 80 or so flavours of ice-cream/sorbet you can choose from. They all sound delicious and you cannot make up your mind... so you close your eyes and chant while pointing randomly at the board "Eeny meeny miny moe!" You open your eyes and your finger is pointing at: Straberry Cheescake! You have a quick glance and realise you really wanted Mississippi Mud Pie... but tough, it's fate! Strawberry Cheescake it is. ;)
by ely athron October 24, 2007
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