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This expression is said in an awkward or uncomfortable situation. It could also be used to express disapproval.

Pronunciation: It is pronounced with the long E vowel sound.
*girl attempts to sit in someone else's desk*
boy: Eeeeee, I'm sitting there.

girl: Eeeeee, sorry about that!

girl: Eeeeee, this tagged pic of me on Facebook is really rough.

girl 1: He just texted me back saying "K?"

girl 2: Eeeeee, that's awks.
#awks #awkward #dissaproval #expression #oooh
by Eeeeeegirl1234 April 28, 2011
A word / sound often used by o.a.p's. Used in shock or disbelief.
Dale: did you hear about farmer giles and his wife splitting up?

Grandma Jam: eeeeee, they have only been married 2 weeks. Im sweating cobs.
#eeeeee #farmer giles #grafter #o.a.p's #old
by Jam and Dale June 02, 2006
were an asian has an orgasm and goes "EEEEE", Usually asian girls.
(guy banging a tight ass asian girl) girl-"ohhh im gonna cum soon" girl-"ohh im, imm...EEEEEEEEEEE" guy-"silly asian girl"
#orgasm #banging #asian #girl #tight #ass
by SuperDudeWithBombs February 19, 2011
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