Edward Cullen is the hot vampire in Twilight, that fangirls all around the world lust for, and even want him to 'kill' them (meaning to make them vampire)
Kathy - OMG!!! I love edward cullen! he's so sparkly and hot! I want him to suck my blood!!
by Ana Tennant February 21, 2009
possibly the most beautiful fictional character ever. could possibly be god.
(person 1) was that god???
(person 2) no thats just edward cullen.
by im a person February 19, 2009
the most beautiful vampire to ever be written about. He has topaz colored eyes and bronze colored hair. He is pale white and ice cold. Wife is Isabella(bella) Swan, Brothers are Emmett and Jasper, Sisters are Rosalie and Alice, parents are Carlisle and Esme. Is adroed by almost every american female and some males. Is the perfect boyfriend and husband. What every girl looks for
Edward Cullen is in my dreams every night.
by Gertrude Applegate January 29, 2009
A fictional vampire in the Twilight series. Love of Bella Swan, and enemy of Jacob Black. Girls (and guys) around the world have fallen for this too perfect character and a movie is coming out at the end of this year.
Edward Cullen from the twilight series
by nashFTW! September 19, 2008
Famed through the despicable, abomination that is the Twilight series, Edward Cullen is an emotionally abusive character that is created so that normal males in the real world will never live up to Stephanie Meyer's picture of the ideal boyfriend through her incessant ramblings about how "flawless" he is. His lover is Bella, the weak and needy Mary Sue of the story, otherwise known as Stephenie Meyer portrayed in her deepest fantasies. I am female, and I think these books have a negative effect on female teenagers and develope unrealistic expectations.
Edward Cullen: "I watch you sleep and come into your room without you knowing ever night. I also really want to kill you."
Bella: *moans* "Do me. Please, I want you so bad! *inner monologue* his perfect lips, his flawless eyes, his angel body, sparkle sparkle sparkle his skin is like marble im blushing im blushing again oh wait i tripped you want to get married? sure ill get married if that means i can bang the crap out of you. and then ill get pregnant at 18 and name my demon baby Renesmee. what a lovely name, dont you think?
by dont make me vomit. July 28, 2010
A Vampire who's never had sex in all of his life (which is like over a 100 years). When he does have sex, it's with an anorexic emo whore who's got a Beastiality Fetish with dogs. He knocked her up and know has to change her into a super-fag who can rip his balls off. Yeah, your balls are so in her purse, bro.
He likes his girls 75 pounds and an A Cup Sized boobs, if you can even call those boobs. So, in other words, Edward is a pedophile who decided to bring Elvis's hair back into style.

Her has piss-colored eyes and albino colored skin. His nipples are like a forest that never gets rained on. Unless you call Jasper's jizz rain, then he get's lots of rain.

Stephanie Meyer ruined the name Edward and ruined the whole Vampire idea with her "Humans are Friends, Not Food" crap. Way to go, Steph. You just turned one of the most feared creatures into the next CareBears.
Edward Cullen: Say it, Say it out loud.
Bella: You're a...Homosexual.
Edward Cullen: No! How did you find ouuut?! *fans himself with his perfectly manicured hand*
Bella: Oh, Edward, it's okay. We can get married and no has to know!
Edward: But...But...
Bella: But what?
Edward: I...*Prances into an open meadow and dances around in the flowers under the sun. He sparkles crazily* I SPARKLE, BELLA. Tee-Hee!
by l3itchesGetStitches June 13, 2011
The hottest vampire to ever grace this earth! He has bronze hair, topaz eyes(they used to be green) and super pale skin(due to his being a vampire and all.) He has two sisters and two brothers, all adopted. He lives in Forks, Washington and loves Bella Swan.

He is better than Jake, because he isn't an insensitive jerk who forces himself on other unsuspecting girls who then break their hand trying to hit him in the face, and always will be.

He is the most romantic person on the face of the planet, even though he is a fictional character from Stephenie Meyers Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse

No one is hotter than he is.
Edward Cullen is the smexiest man alive!
by jennifer joe January 14, 2008

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