A boyfriend's worst nightmare.

Also, a very hot vampire.
"I'm sorry Sam, I don't think we should stay together"
"Why not?"
"Well... there's this guy named Edward that I'm crazy about"
"Who the he&* is Edward?"
"Edward Cullen"
"Isn't he a vampire?"
"Yeah, and he's hotter than you too."
by Blahnk May 25, 2009
Hardcore kid: "He's gayer than Edward Cullen."
Fangirl: "Eek!"
by kaelynm June 01, 2009
twilight character.

complete stalker to bella. he falls in love with her, both looking the age of seventeen, even though he really is like, 80 years older than her.

he sparkles. you've got to be kidding me.

he is stephenie meyer's secret tool of making girls search for a sparkly fictional vampire because they basically have no lives. the books he's mentioned in is probably going to do that to you.
"So wat if Edward Cullen is old? he looks young would you fuck your grandpa if he looked 17?" - twilighter.

See what's happened!?
by Anni[eek!] April 27, 2009
1. The horrible, ugly, smug vampire from Twilight, that makes you wish that teenage girls had taste in men.

2. Exclamation of disgust.
1. Edward Cullen should die, but whatever. He's not even real.

2. You think that modern pop music is better than classic rock? Well, Edward Cullen to you, I say!
by StarshineTrip May 15, 2009
A "vegetarian" vampire. Girls swoon over him pathetically. Girls think he's sexy.
He knows he is.

While I have to admit he is cute. Just not sexy. He "dazzles" girls. And makes them wish he was real.

Girl #1- Edward! Your soooooo hot and sexy
Girl #2- Wayyyy hot and sexy!!! *swoon*

Edward Cullen- I know.I kno- Ooooo, Look at that handsome man. *dazzle dazzle*
by NikiZee April 18, 2009
basically the perfect guy. he is one of the main characters in Stephanie Meyers books Twilight, New Moon and Eclispe. he is in love with bella swan. he is also a vampire. (not a average vampire that you see in movies with all the goth and the "i vant to suck ur blood" crap.) he is just a average person who is extreamly smart, talented and perfectly hot. he lives with other vampires who are equally gifted. carlisle, esme, emmet, rosalie, jasper and alice.
"did you stab edward cullen with a pencil or something?"
"do i dazzle you?" "frequently"
"and so the lion fell in love with the lamb"
by twilightgirl November 25, 2007
Hot, sparkling vampire is in love with Bella Swan. Every girl either wants him or hates him because they cannot have him.
"I soooo wish I could be Bella Swan and marry Edward Cullen!"
by edwardobsesssed November 17, 2009

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