Sparkly creep that goes into girl's rooms and teabags them at night. They dont feel his junk because its too small to be felt. Extremely attracted to Jacob Black.
Edward Cullen = gay
by Youdontknowme111 November 22, 2010
A fictional character,a vampire thats basically perfect in his appearence. Girls and twilight fans absouloutly adore him and the actor that plays him in the movie, Robert Patterson.

Most boys get really stressed and worked up about the fact that girls love him. Really stressed. Probably jelousy although it is a fictional character. haha
Girl:I love Edward Cullen, hes gotta be real. There must be a guy like him somewhere!

by meh 8) October 29, 2009
1.A whiny 108 years old virgin who don't have a life, and had a habit of stalking people in their sleep
2.Character from Twilight
Teen #1:OMG,Edward Cullen is SOOOOO HOTT!!!!!
Teen #2:Since when did a loser became hot?
by *Lexxi* April 19, 2009
A fictional vampire that, despite being overly obsessive, seems to be the "perfect guy" for most women. Human versions of said vampire can usually be found in county jails or in court rooms being presented with their very own restraining order.
Dude, did you hear about Billy last night? His girlfriend broke up with him and he pulled an Edward Cullen. Now he's in prison!
by HypocriticPope April 16, 2009
The sexiest, most beautiful vampire ever to be written. Of course, Louis de Pointe du Lac is his equal.

Edward is a character in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. He is the reddish-brown haired, topaz-eyed beloved of the beautiful Bella Swan.
I heart Edward Cullen.

"...and so the lion fell in love with the lamb."
by Betsy Jacobson November 01, 2006
A fictional vampire in the series Twilight. Many fangirls obsess over him even though:

A) He isn't real
B) He's a vampire
C) He's in a book

Most girls won't talk to boys now because they aren't like "Edward."
True Story:

Guest_runner113: hey
Guest_edwardluver10: hi
Guest_runner113: just curious, who is edward?
Guest_edwardluver10: twilight series
Guest_runner113: oh... and why do you love him?
Guest_edwardluver10: he is very chivelrous and very romantic
Guest_edwardluver10: he is also a hot vampire
Guest_runner113: well, how can someone be 1) hot and a vampire 2) hot in a book
Guest_runner113: i just can't see how words can make somone appear hot
Guest_edwardluver10: the way the author describes him
Guest_edwardluver10: plus the movie
Guest_runner113: um... ok... you do know he's not real right?
Guest_edwardluver10: yes
Guest_runner113: i don't know, i'm not following this
Guest_edwardluver10: still... hes not the average burn to death b/c of sunlight
Guest_runner113: so let me get this straight... you're in love with a fictional vampire who is hot because the author says he is?
Guest_edwardluver10: not real love... u know how many girls love edward cullen?
Guest_edwardluver10: many!!!
Guest_runner113: yeah, and it's SICK
Guest_runner113: find a real boy
Guest_runner113: there are plenty of us
Guest_runner113: and all of us hate this "edward" you speek of
Guest_edwardluver10: yeah, b/c he is actually a good person... he shows respect!
Guest_runner113: i know you don't believe this, but over 60% of guys show respect
Guest_edwardluver10: he doesnt go and say its sick
Guest_edwardluver10: i believe it,, its just the 40% are the ones i meet
Guest_runner113: but he thrives off the blood of people
Guest_runner113: and a lot of girls aren't respectful either
Guest_edwardluver10: no, read the books... he and his family feed off the blood of animals not humans
Guest_runner113: then why doesn't he eat meet?
Guest_edwardluver10: i know a lot of girls are rude... u probably think im one of them
Guest_edwardluver10: they dont eat food, they gag it up
Guest_runner113: all i'm saying is that edward isn't real and never will be real and obsessing over him is a waste of time and will get you nowhere
Guest_runner113: please pass this on to other twilight fans
Guest_edwardluver10: no
Guest_edwardluver10 has left the chat
by CommonSenseIsntSoCommon April 10, 2009
A boyfriend's worst nightmare.

Also, a very hot vampire.
"I'm sorry Sam, I don't think we should stay together"
"Why not?"
"Well... there's this guy named Edward that I'm crazy about"
"Who the he&* is Edward?"
"Edward Cullen"
"Isn't he a vampire?"
"Yeah, and he's hotter than you too."
by Blahnk May 25, 2009

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