A a sparkling fairy trying to pass for a badass vampire, but failing miserably.
fangirl: Edward Cullen is so amazing.

randomperson: Yeah, I guess he's an okay fairy. Not all too bright, though.
by twilightshouldgodie August 03, 2010
A sparkly princess.
No example needed, Edward Cullen is a sparkly princess.
by Pandatic June 20, 2013
n. person, Ed-ward Cull-en : A fictional character/ monster made up in the diseased imagination of an old, horny woman. He is said to sparkle when in the sun, for some odd, non- understandable reason. He is in the dreams of millions of teenage girls and their mothers. His followers are called Twi-hards, and are attracted to him by some telepathic connection, which makes them want a vampire, who writes bad poetry, as a husband. His fictional, worst enemy, is a werewolf, named Jacob, who has nice teeth (Many suspect them to be gay lovers). The fact or impression they are gay lovers is dashed by his love of 14-year old girls. Whom, he stares at while they sleep, with what many call in rapey fashion.
Twi-hard - "I got a message from "Edward Cullen" last night

Twi-hard 2 - " Really, what was it?"
Twi-hard - " He wants me to meet or turn me, I hope!"

Twi-hard 2 - "You are soooo lucky!"
Twi-hard - "I know!!!!!"
by Mr. Spam June 27, 2011
--A sparkly demented fairy who is a creeper.
--Sparkly infuri
--Referring to a dumb, or stupid person
1. Omg, That Edward is such a fairy! I mean...he SPARKLES!

2. WARNING; You-Know-Who has made an army of infuri--Including Cedric Diggory, now by the name of Edward Cullen!

3. That guy is SUCH and Edward. He stared at me and then said a bunch of dumb pick up lines!
by Fire-Luv May 09, 2011
A 108 year old pedophile - who thinks he is a vampire. He sneaks into 13 year olds' rooms because he likes their smell.
Edward Cullen sneaks into a little girls room, and watches her sleep.
by team lupin November 15, 2010
A fairy, it is obvious, and he is lacking in all vampristic features. Find something that is very vampire about Edward...
Edward Cullen lives in the forest, is mythical, is super white, doesn't eat people, sparkles, was a virgin for 108 years, and creeps on younger people
by Chislett October 24, 2010
I mean, c'mon! He doesn't drink human blood, he can go out in daylight, and he SPARKLES. He is NOT a vampire. He is, however, a fairy.
Twitard- Ahhh, Edward Cullen is the hottest vampire EVER!
Normal person- Dude, he isn't a vampire, he's a fairy.
by KazIDoBelieve May 03, 2010

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