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A character of the Call of Duty WaW game and Black Ops, he is a Skitzophrenic Nazi Scientist that assisted in the creation of the Nazi Zombies, he also made the Wunderwaffe DG-2.

This man is in touch with the Illuminati and hates Tank Dempsey (American Marine), his favorite weapon is the MP40 and he views the Nazi Zombies as his children. Some of the funniest quotes are said by him, and he usually wishes to bathe naked in the blood of his children/minions (He has no control over them)
Tank Dempsey: Uh Kinda surrounded here...

Edward Richtofen: Dempseys surrounded... JOY!

Edward Richtofen: I wish to bathe naked... IN YOUR BLOOD!
#edward #ed #richtofen #doctor richtofen #doctor edward richtofen
by DR. RICHTOFEN13225 April 24, 2011
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